Last Light

It was a weird sort of day which encompassed a sort of laziness and productivity that comes around once in awhile. The weekend goals were smashed due to the humid hot weather and I was silently gleeful as they were house oriented dirty work goals (one was fixing the huge crack in my asphalt driveway...this entails a gas torch, liquid tar, sand, and regular gooey tar). So instead I hibernated inside and read, made tofu w/ pesto pasta for the weeks dinner, and vacuumed in all the crevices that need attention every five months or so. Then I went for a much desired run as the day cooled and was unsuccessful because of my dental saga, which I'll maybe go into some other time. It's very trying and exhausting being in constant pain and I'm just plain tired of it....it's only been about four weeks and I have 17 months to go. After my unsatisfying jaunt around the reservoir I went to Boarders and then for my weekly grocery shopping spree at Trader Joe's. On my way home I had to hang out my car window and photograph the sunset.....I love these digital cameras!! Quite the extreme from my Nikon FM4 (which I still dearly love in a nostalgic sort of way).

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  1. Maureen: The key to surviving braces is to ignore the pain by subjecting your body to other types of pain...like a long bike ride. Hurts. Or a rock climb. Ouch. Or swimming...if you can eliminate the thought of pain in your mouth/head/face, then you will feel better. Ice works wonders as does Motrin 800 (prescription). The pain will all pay off when the metal has been removed from your mouth and you're eating whatever the hell you want. :-) Carey