my garden

My gardens did well this year as we've had a hearty rain almost every week. This is the first year the hydrangea bush has bloomed at all, never mind the magnificent color. I believe in a self-sustaining garden, one which requires no care except the occasional pruning as I find this meditative and relaxing. The close ups are better than the overall picture....I tend to plant the flowers too close together and the gardens end up looking like a hodge podge of overstuffed messy beds. I have made it a good nesting place for honey bees, as they've built a home in an old tree stump and seem quite happy to have an abundance of food sources close by. I have decided not to disturb them as I hear there's a shortage of honey bees and it appears to be getting worse every year. Also, I feel if you are going to plant all these flowers you should expect to attract insects and you shouldn't then go and kill them all....It's kind of like entrapment, well, sort of....

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  1. Your hydrangea is beautiful! As for the honey bees, you are correct - it would be entrapment to lure them in and then kill them all! You could actually get some natural honey from that tree stump in early fall! You could call it "Stumpy's Honey."

    Nice job! Want to come and work on my weed-laden beds?