Sonnenblume II

Egon Schiele (1890-1918) was an expressionist on the Vienna art scene and was regarded by his contemporaries as a narcissist as well as possibly Gustav Klimts future successor. Egon died at the age of 28 but had created more than 3000 works. His pieces are known for their radical formal elements as well as their emotional intensity.

What I truly admire about Schiele's work is that it is simply dripping with emotion and the pieces seem to have such a substantial feel to them....it seems like they would weigh a ton if you were to pick them up. I think the tonal quality of his color choices, the absence of a background color, and the use of sharp jagged lines add to the weightiness of his drawings and paintings. I don't really agree that Schiele was a narcissist, I think he explored his self in a much deeper, more complex way and tried to understand his soul and it's relationship to the physicality of his body. The spiritual self in relation to the physical self.

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