The flat lands of Illinois

I have been cruising through Illinois for the past few days and personally I think it's quite beautiful. There is such a quiet feel to this area and a sense of tranquility that I love (although I am dearly missing my Starbucks!). I only wish I had more opportunities to stop and photograph. The first problem was that is was raining most of the time and the second is that the roads really don't have a breakdown lane to pull over on to. The big mac trucks running through scare the wits out of me and quickly kill any ideas of stopping on the side of the road. The wonderful benefit of having a GPS is you can turn onto country roads for a side trip and the GPS will redirect you so I don't have a fear of being lost. Tomorrow I'm heading north to Chicago in my little sporty shiny maroon Spider convertible...fun fun!


  1. You should read "Dakota" by Kathleen Norris...She moved from NYC to South Dakota and is a tremendous writer. She writes lovingly of the Dakotas and the Midwest. (Order all her books from the library and we can talk at Starbucks when you get back.)

  2. So happy I finally got in here to contribute my 2 cents! I love your pictures-- they certainly portray the sense of tranquility. I never know where you are anymore! Watch out for those Macs!