How to agitate the Bean

I am usually a very calm and collected person (my whole family is calm and collected) but today I must say I let loose with good warrant. My new four month old laptop went on the fritz a few weeks ago and Dell actually said they would replace it completely because it has a serious potential of breaking out in flames at any given moment. Nice enough, I thought, they care enough about the Bean's eyesight to ensure she doesn't loose it by an exploding computer...they said they would replace it within ten days but I would most likely receive it in three because they are so awesome. Gullible me (my whole family is not gullible) actually believed the nice enough Dell people until 2.5 weeks later and still no Dell. I spent one hour on the phone in the morning and I became so irate I was rendered speechless by the utter incompetence and run around I was being given. One amazing excuse after another seemed to stream out of the blackberry without pause. I just couldn't take it anymore and hung up to call my buddy Allison hoping she would jump at the chance to channel her own rage at the Dell people but she had already vented earlier with the Land Rover people. I'm not good at confrontation and I believe Allison would excel in this area because she is so quick witted and a smarty pants. But she declined so I waited until my drive to Chicago to call the Dell people back. My three hour drive is one giant blur...I couldn't even tell you one scenic view because I was on the bluetooth the whole time trying to get someone on the phone who actually would say something other than "yes, I'm so sorry", "yes, please, I understand and am so sorry", 'yes, so sorry Maureen we understand...but the computer will still take 21 days to deliver". Three hours of this and I finally am transfered to someone who says my computer will be here on Monday although I really am not going to be holding my breath...the Dell people were still contradicting themselves with every other word they uttered.


  1. If it is not here Monday...I have an idea (talked with Jim too). ;)

  2. I see your day went well! -------To Hell With Dell!!!!--- Your diatribe was so good Maureen' I couldn't stop laughing. Hope tomorrow is better! Mary