It's An Art Day

Today was the day to hang the show which went relatively smoothly. I decided to keep two pieces out as they really didn't flow with the overall theme. The space is kinda hokey as the walls and wood beams are crooked so everything looks off kilter. The building itself is very old and in it's center is a main chimney with a large flue venting a non working fireplace, an old bakers oven, and I'm not sure what other type of fire box. So the show is hung, that's about all I have to say about that.

I also went to Real Art Ways to see the 50,000 bed exhibit. It is the conception of artist Chris Doyle who has commissioned 45 artists to explore in video format inn, motel, and hotel rooms throughout Connecticut. The exhibit is a collaboration between three contemporary art galleries in CT... Real Art Ways, ArtSpace, and The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, which have all specifically designed their gallery spaces to enable these multi screen video installations to be viewed in a very personal yet public format. I am still pondering the show so can't really write about it now...I'm one of those introverts that require reflection on just about everything. A brilliant professor of mine once said "Ask an introvert a question and you can expect an answer in about two years"...that about sums me up.

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