Politics, Politics....

So Oprah is endorsing Obama....hummmm....have to think about that one. Hopefully she has thought this one through, after all she did support Powell and what turned out to be his little flask of nothing. Oprah had actually challenged an audience member during one particular live show when they had questioned this "evidence" (of WMD's) as propaganda....she was quick to shoot them down and belittle their point of view. I don't believe she ever apologized for being wrong or for her quick, uneducated judgement. I am a big Oprah fan but I have my reservations when one individual has such power over such supposed masses...especially if those masses only look to one individual for their main source of information and that one individual is in the entertainment industry and who also does not do their homework. I have tried to stay away from politics lately as I've become a bit obsessed and therefore depressed over the state of our world. Overall I have a positive view of Obama...I think of him as a mediator of sorts which I believe our country is in great need of. I believe he has the capacity to bring people together. I am not so sure if he is what we need as a leader of our nation....but I will ponder.

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