"Theme"...who cares!

"A Place Where Things Were Said and Done"

I am reflecting over the decision I made to leave the above depicted painting out of my show (remember, I am a introvert so I will continue to obsess and ponder over this issue for years to come). The only reason I decided to remove it was the curators crinkled up nose when she said "What is That?"...as if she was repulsed or something. It is an innocent enough piece, as you can see, it's just of a very different style than my norm. Minimalism at it's best. The reason she wanted to leave it out was because it didn't fit the overall "theme" of the show....and now I'm thinking, who cares? Personally I don't go to shows expecting any particular theme, I'm going because I want to see the artists work and it would actually be a bonus if it did show a variety of mediums and styles because that's what I like....mixed media. Just as a side note, the painting does not depict peppers...they are People!....this is where the tittle is essential to a piece, it can be completely misinterpreted without it. Or I don't know....does the title give a hint to what the painting is at all?....I need discussions people!! ;)


  1. So...the pepper painting is not in the show?...what am I going to do? ;)

  2. Yes....the pepper painting is out but available for private view if you know the secret password ;) (people painting)