A weekend of Dance and a little Opera

This weekend was just pure luck as my trip to DC was canceled last minute...thanks Justin!! I was therefore able to attend the Open House Hartford annual festivities and it was well worth the trips. On Saturday I saw The Witching Hour dance performance which challenges the silence of non-conformist voices as it raises the gender implications of Hartford's own witch craze in the 1600's. The performance was by the Judy Dworin Performance Project and it was the first time I had ever seen them perform...very good indeed. An interesting aspect was the use of sign language throughout the performance by the dancers themselves as well as a main interpreter dressed in period garb perched on a higher platform directly behind the dancers. It really added a subtle beauty to the piece. And for today I went to The Bushnell to see a collaboration between the Connecticut Opera and the modern dance company, Full Force Dance Theater, for their opera-choreographed modern dances. A Sunday spent with a little Verdi, Mozart, Bernstein, mixed with contemporary dance...what more could you ask for? Sounds odd but it really was interesting!

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