"Bodies Revealed"

This exhibit, currently at the Hartford Civic Center, is definitely Not for the faint of heart! The exhibit features human bodies preserved through a new process called "plastination," where technicians remove the water from organs or whole bodies and replace it with silicon. The corpses are then cut open...and in some cases, sliced into sections....to reveal the inner workings of the human body. The exhibits curators have arranged some of the cadavers in poses to simulate real-life activities. A man running, with all his layers of muscles and tendons splayed out, as if he is about to take flight. A muscular cadaver pulling back on a bow and arrow. Some of the exhibits are intended to be a bit shocking: a lung blackened from years of smoking, a liver pickled from years of drinking, a brain shriveled from Alzheimer’s Disease. Overall the exhibit is extraordinary, beautiful, challenging. There are three versions of the exhibit currently traveling the world...if it's in your area, a definite must see!

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