A return to Nature and the little things in life

This weekend was simply fantastic...not only was the weather prefect but there were a couple of experiences which were quite humbling for me. The first unexpected delight was yesterday morning...one of my favorite things to do is to putts around the garden in the early morning hours pruning with a good cup of coffee by my side. My garden is somewhat overgrown and in need of some good lovin and so I was diligently clipping and pulling when I discovered a little frog perched on top of one of my flowers. Seeing this little guy reminded me of why I had actually started the garden in the first place.... it was a reaction to the significant decline of the honey bee population and I wanted to ensure the critters on my little plot of land had a safe place to eat, sleep, and relax. So witnessing the little frog enjoying the morning sunrise reminded me that although the garden may be overgrown and messy, at least it's main purpose is being fulfilled. Sometimes I get caught up in the rat race of life and I forget what's really important.

The second experience was while hiking...another of my favorite pastimes as I love breathing in the woodsy air (especially during this time of year...the air is so crisp!) and listening to the sounds of nature. This little hike was a joy as the trail head is one I have been passing for at least the past 10 years and have never previously stopped to explore. To my delight this trail had several little site-specific artsy nature sculptures which several people had taken upon themselves to decorate the trail. There were about 4 sculptures that I did see but I am sure there were several overlooked as they simply blended in so eloquently with their surroundings. I only took this one photograph as the others didn't photograph well, but it's a good representation of the other pieces.

This trail is not difficult but does require at least a light hiking shoe and be sure to bring in your water...there's some areas you need to scramble through and the ridge is pure rock so your in the sunshine while admiring the spectacular view. The trail head can be found off route 66 in Meriden...enjoy people!! :)

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