This weekend I finally made it out to Dia:Beacon, the modern contemporary art gallery transformed from the abandoned Nabisco factory, and what a gallery it is! The architectural space and mass of available natural light makes this a perfect space for an immense array of modern and contemporary art....it was discovered by it's founders as they flew helicopters over the Hudson Valley in search of an appropriate space to display immense works of art such as Richard Serra's rolled steel pieces:

This is also an exceptional place to install Louise Bourgeois's large scale sculptural pieces which play with the concept of sexuality and habitation, organic amorphousness, and the relationship between past and present. I absolutely love her clay pieces which resemble cocoons and are rife with allusions to the body. Here is her 1997 piece "Spider", which melds perfectly in this distant space located at the top corner of the factory building with it's bare brick walls and diffused lighting:

Dia:Beacon has a wonderful permanent collection and the most delightful experience for me was viewing Fred Sandback's string pieces as this is the first time I have had the opportunity to view his pieces in person. This particular body of work represents minimalism at it's best. The graceful way he uses string produces such a sense of volume it can not be grasped in a mere photograph but must be experienced in person.

Another little gem was Robert Smithson, his use of glass, mirrors, and sand play with the concept of materiality and illusion:

Well worth the trip...only wish they had more rotating exhibitions!

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