A Celebration!

I am thinking of having a bomb fire and burning all of my stubby gnarly old paint brushes that I have refused to let go of for the past 20 or so odd years. I have this attachment to them even though they are beyond useful but I can't seem to get myself to just throw them out. The bristles themselves have probably shortened in length by a quarter of their original length before I realize that the reason the painting is coming along so hideously is because it has no flex left and I'm working with a stiff nub of a brush. Seriously, that happens.

So ... I'm slimming down my "stuff" in prep of hopefully moving out of my mole hole and relieving myself of unnecessary "things", and short stubby old paint brushed obviously fall into that category ...although ...seriously, they really don't take up all that much room compared to, say, one unnamed bakers rack. But I digress ...the brushed will be honored for their part in the creation of some bad and then not so bad, pieces of art.

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