1. Hi Maureen: Not sure how to find you, also not clear why your prolific blog stopped a year ago. I am going to use your photo of Oliver Lee park, credited of course, because your blog site says you generally say yes. Here is the query I sent in January. Hope you are well and traveling somewhere wonderful.

    Hi Maureen

    I run a large outreach program for high school kids where we take them on geologic field trips every summer. This summer we are going to Oliver Lee park and I would love to use your photo in our guidebook -- the longview with the layered rocks. When we scouted the location last fall it was nearly dark and I could not get a good photo. Please email me and I can give more information on who we are and what we do. Or you can google GeoFORCE Texas. Thanks esnow@jsg.utexas.edu

    Eleanour snow

  2. Hi Eleanor- Apologies that you had not received my reply. Yes please do use the image ...it looks like you do some wonderful work! I would just request that you give me credit for the photograph.

    I've had a tremulous year and hope to begin blogging again, thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

    Best, Maureen